How Moisture Enters Your Crawl Space

Do you live in the Poconos? Then odds are you have a damp crawl space. Even if you don't have water collecting on the floor, there are many ways moisture can seep into your home through your crawl space. Drain pipes, crawl space vents, cracked poured concrete, cinder block walls, and hydrostatic pressure are just some of the ways water can make its way into your home.

Water in your crawl space can cause a great deal of damage to your home by warping wood, inviting mold and critters, compromising structural integrity and causing other costly issues. Also, for anyone in your household with respiratory problems (including asthma and allergies), water in the crawl space can be a serious problem.

Burke Construction can take your damp crawl space and turn it into a dry, usable space. Give us a call today and we'll inspect your crawl space for free, identifying any issues and making the best recommendations to solve them. We service all areas of Northeastern Pennsylvania, from East Stroudsburg to Blakeslee. Contact us at 1-570-872-9980 today!

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