Repairing Your Crawl Space - The Start to a Healthier Home

The first line of defense for your crawl space is installing a vapor barrier. This will control the high humidity and poor air quality that is in your home. The poly crawlspace encapsulation barriers are made of a thick, puncture resistant high tensile strength material that stops moisture from the soil from entering. It ranges from 10-20 mil thick. When you hire Burke Construction, we'll come out and install this heavy barrier that will keep out the moisture and not allow water to attack your wood surfaces and cause mold and mildew. We can continue the barrier up the foundation walls to ensure a permanent vapor barrier that will block out most water and vapors and result in a healthier home for you and your family.

If you, like most people in the Poconos, have a crawl space prone to water issues, then you will also need a sump pump and drainage system. This will ensure the removal of all water so that it does not seep into the liner. This step will need to be completed before the installation of the vapor barrier.

Burke Construction can also dehumidify the crawl space and seal any exterior vents. By sealing up the area, you are stopping any outside humid air from entering the space. When this humid air settles in an area, it causes condensation and this in turn promotes the growth of mold and mildew. Many recent studies show that by sealing up the vents to the exterior of your home will also give you a much more efficient and money saving home.

Want to learn more? Contact us today for a free inspection of your crawl space. We'll evaluate your situation and suggest the necessary fixes to make it functional and healthy. We service all areas of Northeastern Pennsylvania, from Lake Naomi to Arrowhead Lake, Stroudsburg to Mount Pocono, and all areas of the Poconos in between.

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