Frozen Pipes are a WARNING!!

We've been hearing quite a bit about frozen pipes these last few weeks. The groundhog says we can expect 6 more week of winter, mother nature is making up for the mild winters we've grown accustom to over the last few years, and heating expenses are at an all time high. Often times when a pipe freezes, homeowner will consider it a random event. They call a plumber to? thaw the pipe, or thaw it themselves with a hairdryer, and carry on with life. 3 weeks ago we received a call from a doctor's office here in East Stroudsburg, they had a pipe freeze and break. Unfortunately for them, it broke sometime over the weekend, and the water ran and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran until 8:00 am, Monday morning, when the staff arrived at work to find a complete disaster.? This repair is currently estimated at $64,000.00. That's right, sixty four thousand dollars. That's a mouthful isn't it. Now granted, it's a large commercial building with expansive repairs needed, but imagine it was your house, let's say your repairs were 10% of this job at $6,400.00, what is your financial obligation? What is the side effects of the damage? Where will you sleep? Where will you shower? What happened to your wedding album? Your grandmother's hope chest? The cost to have a plumber come and thaw out the pipe is minimal compared to the cost of a broken pipe, however, the cost to properly correct insulation issues, vented crawlspaces, and? poorly insulated basements is nothing in comparison. In fact, these types of repairs will typically save you as much as $900.00 a year in heating and cooling costs and will pay for itself in very little time. These types of repairs will actually begin to pay you, tax free? and interest free, for the life of your home. Consider the options, if the pipe froze consider yourself warned, there is a problem, next time you might not be so lucky.

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